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Fire Damage Restoration


A fire of any kind can be devistating.  You can expect our team to be available in a moments notice to help guide you through any type of fire related building from big to small and to secure your building after a fire has occured.  Our team of experts will help walk you through information and work with your insurance company to provide you a smooth transition.  Our team of trained experts in the field are able to survey the loss site and determine the extent of the fire, smoke, heat and moisture impact on the building material and contents.  Smoke can cause hidden damage and odor.  Our trained professionals are able to investigate how far the fire and smoke may have spread based on the layout of the building. Call Us today at 480-289-4911


After a fire loss has occured:


There are several steps you should take after a fire loss has occured.  You should notify your insurance company as soon as you are aware that there is a fire loss of any kind.  


You should have a professional restoration company inventory all your items that you have lost. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. Everything should be documented.  We offer structural and contents drying as well as detailed documentation.

A water damage assessment should be completed by your professional restoration company.  We offer new thermal imaging technology so that you are able to see between the walls and floors exactly where the water exists.  This helps prevent any future unoticed damage that you may not have been able to see originally.  All water should be extracted and removed.


Your property should be secured as soon as possible.  Depending on the loss a restoration professional can either board up your doors and windows or even put a secure fence around the property to prevent vandals from comming in. We are able to assist you with any emergency boarding and fencing you may require.


Smoke damage is always a concern after a fire for rooms that were not burned or touched by the fire.  We have all the equiptment  necessary to help remove smoke damage out of rooms that may not have been directly affected by the fire.  

When the restoration and demoliton of the fire has been completed we are able to get you a detailed drawing for reconsturcion. 


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