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Water Damage Restoration


Paramount 911 Restoration and Construction is equipt to handle any kind of water loss.  You can expect our team of water loss experts to mobolize as soon as your call is made to help you with any of your water damage needs. Our team of experts can assess the damage to properly extract water and remove only what needs to be removed.  We also offer structural and contents drying if needed.  Detailed documentation is provided to you as well to ensure that everything was handled appropriatly.  A detailed reconstruction proposal and drawings are delivered within days of your loss so that you can move forward with reconstruction as soon as possible. We understand that if your business or home is down, every minute counts and you are effected until repairs are made. Call us today at 480-289-4911




Burst Pipe


A burst pipe is the most common type of problem you can have when you have a water loss.  A burst pipe can come from plumbing lines, your hot water heater lines, kitchen, bathroom fixtures, washing machine lines, dishwasher lines and  toilet or toilet lines.  We recommend to check your supply lines  regularly in your home to help prevent a water loss.

Pipe Burst


Natural Flood


We are able to assist you with any type of flooding you may have in your home or building due to natural disaster.  We have equiptment ready and available to assist you for any natural flood you may have.

Natural Flooding


Rain Water Damage


Rain can cause severe damage to the interior of your home or building if your roof is not inspected on a regular basis.  You are typically not going to know that your roof is leaking until a leak actually occurs.  It is important to call in a restoration professional to properly dry out your home or building to prevent further damage and further loss.  If you would like a courtsey roof inspection give us a call.

Rain Water Damage


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